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Partner Videos

Professor Alan Barrell DBA, FRSA

Alan has worked in Health Care and Medical Research, as Chairman and Chief Executive of large multi-national companies and smaller technology start-ups. He teaches in Universities in UK, Europe, North America and Asia with Professorships in European and Chinese Universities. He has raised and managed a Venture Capital Fund and, is a Business Angel Investor and Trustee of charities. His current work is focussed heavily on the development of UK-China Trade and Relationships including cross-continental investment. Most recently appointed Chairman of a 3billion RMB Chinese Technology Venture Fund. Alan promotes the vision of “A World Without Borders”.

Going International

Educational video in which Professor Alan Barrell discuss international business expansion.

Show me the Money

Educational video for businesses. Prof Alan Barrell discusses sources of funding.

Interpersonal Skills and Team Building

Educational video for businesses presented by Prof Alan Barrell.

Alan discusses the Entrepreneurial Finance situation in Cambridge and Barcelona | September 2015
Alan speaks in Lahti Finland about Entrepreneurial Ecosystems | August 2015
Alan endorses Helping B Crowdfunding for Social Entrepreneurs | June 2015
Questions Answered about Crowdfunding - Alan Barrell's views and predictions | June 2015
Social Enterprises - a UK Perspective | May 2015

Alan Barrell captured at the Copenhagen Business School early in 2014, at major International Conference.

Investment Readiness, Crowdfunding and all that... | October 2013

Maggie Langley of Crowdpatch talks to Alan Barrell about how to raise money.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Lesotho and South Africa | July 2013
Alan Barrell's Message for Viet Young Entrepreneurs | July 2013
Conversation about the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (Cambridge Judge Business School) Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship | February 2012
Laurea University Entrepreneur Society - Interview with Riina | February 2012

Discussing plans for a training programme to be held in Cambridge – Venture Cam 2012.

Alan Barrell in discussion with Winnie Eley on Entrepreneurship and the Hong Kong Gateway to Greater China | October 2011
Meeting with The China Consortium of University Entrepreneurs in Shanghai | September 2011