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InvestHorizon Courses | EBAN Institute

InvestHorizon Courses

InvestHorizon courses

Going international - Business and Management

What start-ups and SMEs need to know about going international

In this module, Professor Alan Barrell from the University of Cambridge will address key questions relevant for every company: How should companies go international, why should they bother about going international and do they even have a choice? Barrell will elaborate on key characteristics of “Goers” and potential advantages of internationalizing your business.

Deal Making Process and Structuring Private Equity and Venture Capital Deals
Introduction to Company Valuation

In this educational video, Brigitte Baumann will introduce to aspiring investors how to calculate and negotiate the company value.

How to structure Business Angel Co-Investment from local, regional, and national Government

Interested in business angels co- investment funds? Thinking about creating one in your own country? Do you want to know why most governments nowadays implement business angels co-investment funds?

If your answer is yes, this webinar with one of European top experts on co-investment funds Paulo Andrez is for you! Paulo was one of the leading experts to support Portuguese government in creating the first co-investment fund, with an extremely positive impact on business angel activity in Portugal. Apart from his activity as business angel, he also helps several European governments on behalf of European Commission in implementing business angel co-investment funds.

Financing your Startup

What start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs should know about financing

In this course Joaquin Soucheiron explains why entrepreneurs should worry about financing. He gives an overview on different forms of financing and opportunities for founders. As an experienced coach and entrepreneur having secured two exists, he will also cover best practices and examples with advice on how to build a sustainable financing strategy.

Show me the Money

What entrepreneurs need to know about traditional financing methods, alternative financing and investment readiness

In this webinar, professor Alan Barrell will not only discuss the money supply chain and commercialization paths, but also traditional views of financial sources versus alternative financing methods for entrepreneurs.

Crowdfunding – Introduction

What entrepreneurs need to know about crowdfunding and crowd investing

Irene Tordera will give an introduction into the various forms of crowdfunding and crowd investing in this online module. She will not only address the question whether crowdfunding as a financing tool is a good fit for your business, but also discuss what needs to be prepared for an effective crowdfunding campaign and what entrepreneurs need to take into account before they decide on this financing tool.

Questions answered about Crowdfunding

What both investors entrepreneurs need to know about the basic principles of crowdfunding

In this introductory webinar, Professor Alan Barrell will answer some basic question about crowdfunding that concern both entrepreneurs and investors. He addresses potential pitfalls and legal questions that one should consider before choosing crowdfunding as a financing method.

Investment Readiness, Crowdfunding and All that You Need to Know About Raising Funding

What entrepreneurs need to know about raising funding and different financing methods

This webinar is an interview session with Professor Alan Barrell and Maggie Langley of Crowdpatch discussing questions of raising money and forms of financing available.

Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing

Irene Tordera from European Crowdfunding Network explains how to integrate crowdfunding and crowdsourcing in your business strategy and benefit not only from monetary contribution, but also feedback, marketing and ideas of the crowd. The course gives a detailed overview of the key terminology and concepts in the crowdfunding sector.

Preparing a Crowdfunding Campaign

Preparing a crowdfunding campaign is not a one day to another activity, and it requires detailed preparation. This course will help you to better understand how to successfully cover all the necessary steps and communicate your project, including research, timing, objectives, value proposition and overall execution.

Crowdfunding Models and their Applications

Apart from giving an overview on different types of crowdfunding, this course focuses on equity crowdfunding models and their applications, in particular when it comes to crowdfunding in renewable energies as well as access to the investors. Again, Irene Tordera has contributed this module as an expert for crowdfunding.

Executing a Crowdfunding Campaign

It is not enough just to prepare the crowdfunding campaign, but also plan a successful execution, and that takes time as well. Irene Tordera from ECN leads you through all the points of the campaign execution as well as your potential allies, in order to keep the communication of your project flowing.

Key Figures of Crowdfunding in Europe

Crowdfunding market in Europe is a hot topic which is rapidly growing, with a total value being estimated at 3 billion Euros. This course shows the dimension and the potential of the crowdfunding in Europe as well as breakdown per crowdfunding types.

Regulatory Aspects for Crowdfunding in Europe

How are the regulations evolving in Europe? What do we really mean when we talk about the crowdfunding regulatory aspects? How can we guarantee transparency and trust? As crowdfunding phenomenon is becoming more and more popular, it is necessary to protect both the investor and the consumer.

Business Angels and Private Investors

European Business Angel Network President, Candace Johnson, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, by introducing her personal success story, talks about how to give wings to your business, fuel your growth and what does the path from a start-up to a scale-up with business angels look like. The course provides a general overview about the world of early stage investment, particularly business angels and private investors.

Investor Relations and Negotiations

What entrepreneurs need to know about investor relations and negotiations

This course deals mainly with the mutual expectations of both entrepreneurs and investors when they enter into a relationship – either through first negotiations or through a concrete deal. Jaakko Salminen will address what investors expect from entrepreneurs, how they would like to be approached, how to present your company, key terms to know and other useful topics.

Exit Strategies

What every entrepreneur and angel needs to know about exits

In this InvestHorizon module Dusan Stojanovic, who was EBAN business angel of the year in 2013, discusses some concrete best practices and examples for exits which both entrepreneurs and angel investors can relate to. He will go through examples of successful exists, defining the key characteristics of a favourable exit deal and summarizing some important lessons learnt for future exists.

Angel Syndication

Michael Culligan, National Director of Halo Business Angels Network in Ireland gives a highly interesting webinar on Angel Syndication, tackling the topics of the reasons to syndicate and the example of Ireland syndicate evolution, of the structure and operation and of the syndicate charter. After elaborating on some lessons learnt, he then opens the floor to the participants for them to ask their questions.

Connecting Accelerators and Business Angels

Daniel Tomov from Eleven Accelerator in Bulgaria addresses the issue of connecting accelerators and Business Angels. Taking the story of Eleven to illustrate the relationship between the two highlighting the mutual advantages of such collaborations.

How to get into Accelerators?

Egidjus Jarasunas, the co-founder of F6S, one of the largest is startup communities working with over 5000 accelerators, talks about how to get into an accelerator. The course covers the topics of finding accelerator programs relevant for your startup, and the relevance of your startup in consideration to accelerators. EG also reveals tips and tricks for startups willing to join an accelerator.

How to get the best out of an Accelerator?

This course features three guest speakers/program managers of from European accelerator programs, Carmen Bermajo of Tetuan Valley, Raphaelle Neyton of Numa and Marco Pavan of H-Farm. Given the accelerator market saturation, this webinar gives insight of how to get best out of an accelerator and what to focus on.

Design and Fashion

In this webinar, Riccardo Aimerito will share with you his experience in the design fashion and creative industries with a focus on user’s experiences (especially on how to create a brand and how to expend this brand globally). Going from the definition of brand and creative industries to the framework where the venture can be set up and how to develop the company with a particular focus on the branding.

Mr. Riccardo Aimerito, co-Founder and Partner of ERA Kapital ( is investing in SMEs and early stage companies. Prior to this, he worked in Milan, London, Paris, Chicago, and Moscow in different industries: TLC and Energy (Pirelli), IT (DELL), Oil & Gas (TOTAL), private equity & venture capital (Financial Institutions and Funds), project financing (EBRD) and fashion (as board member and general manager).

He is a mentor of early stage companies and in different accelerator and seed programs but also Business Angel and serial entrepreneur within the whole EU-28 and other non-EU countries. Indeed, he invested and (and is board member and advisor) in SMEs operating in life-style, design & fashion industries and technologies applied to the creative industry, machinima (ERA Kreativ-Industrie), mechatronics, cosmetics, nutraceutics and food, urban and social impact and mobility.

He is also lecturer of the course “Deal Making Process and Structuring Private Equity and Venture Capital Deals” in post-doctoral MBA Programme for post PhD Researchers and Inventors.

Developments in the Commercial Space Sector

What investors need to know about the space technologies sector

In this module Chad Anderson elaborates on recent trends in the commercial space sector and analyses the space technologies market from an investor’s perspective. In his video he will discuss recent market and technology trends as well as investment opportunities and case studies.