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EBAN Webinars | EBAN Institute

EBAN Webinars

Access all the exclusive webinars and courses on various topics ranging from Impact Investing to crowdfunding. Angels and entrepreneurs are welcome to use these materials to build skills. (Only For EBAN Members and Partners)

EBAN webinars

Silicon Valley Decoded - What You and Your Portfolio Companies Need to Know

Our webinar, Silicon Valley Decoded, is designed to help you better understand and appreciate Silicon Valley—including the more subtle aspects of the Valley that are, in fact, hidden in plain sight. You will learn about Silicon Valley best practices, and about the Valley’s unique vantage point for evaluating startups. You will understand the rules that can and should be broken by entrepreneurs, and the value of experimenting and iterating until the entrepreneur either find success, or run out of money and fails. The webinar will also address key questions such as “what does it take to be successful in Silicon Valley and can companies find success if they remain outside of the Valley?” Our guest has extensive experience working in Silicon Valley as well as helping entrepreneurs in more than 40 countries around the world.

Jon Baer is a recovering venture capitalist who loves working with early stage companies around the world. He was the founder and CEO of two venture-backed companies, one of which was a spinout from SRI International. He is also the co-author of the book Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide, written to help entrepreneurs everywhere be more successful in building and scaling their companies. Jon now spends his time teaching, mentoring, and advising early stage companies with leading accelerators and investors around the world. He believes that startups require tough love; and need to focus on money, metrics, and milestones. Jon teaches startup CEOs to say less, because less is more.

Using Crowd Funding with Business Angel Investing to Make a Win-Win-Win Proposition!

In the first webinar covering the practical benefits and value from the EBAN – Crowd Valley cooperation, Crowd Valley CEO Markus Lampinen will present the company and how its mission helps EBAN member organizations utilize the digital framework to augment their strictly “Angel” investments by tapping into the Crowd funding Mechanism and bringing efficiency to deal making, such as online syndication.

Markus Lampinen, CrowdValley CEO
Internationally awarded digital finance entrepreneur, active in pioneering new securities models worldwide. Has worked in digital finance since 2009, recruited over 100 individuals, built up a operations on six continents and been recognized as one of the top 100 thought leaders in crowdfunding. Markus has pioneered new funding models in the US and Europe, advised policy makers worldwide—including the SEC, the European Commission and Italian regulator CONSOB—for more effective markets, and worked with visionary organizations such as the World Bank and the Kauffman Foundation to improve frameworks for digital finance. Markus has studied computer science and economics (M.Sc).

Cap Tables and Beyond!

Few things impact the final payout to investors more than the legal rights of the securities they own. Understanding the legal complexities and tracking the changes over the company’s life-cycle thus becomes crucial. Companies and investors have historically used Excel spreadsheets to manage their company ownership (referred to as the “Cap Table”), but there are more complexities that an investor should consider than just their percentage of ownership.

Led by Keyvan Firouzi of Gust Equity Management and Bob Mollen of Fried Frank, this webinar is an excellent primer for new angels and a refresher for those more experienced.

How to Structure Business Angel Co-Investment from Local, Regional, and National Governments

Interested in business angels co- investment funds? Thinking about creating one in your own country? Do you want to know why most governments nowadays implement business angels co-investment funds?

If your answer is yes, to know more join the webinar with one of European top experts on co-investment funds, Paulo Andrez. Paulo was one of the leading experts to support Portuguese government in creating the first co-investment fund, with an extremely positive impact on business angel activity in Portugal. Paulo Andrez apart from his activity as business angel, he also helps several European governments on behalf of European Commission in implementing business angel co-investment funds.

Webinar topics to be covered:
– Identifying different types of co-investment funds
– Reasons for creating a business angels co-investment fund
– Key features of a co-investment fund
– How to successfully implement a co-investment fund

Impact Investing webinars

10 Years of Impact Investing, Co-investing and Market Building

Moving capital into impact projects is fundamental to driving social and environmental change. As for traditional Angel Investing, being part of a network and co-investing is a way to learn and reduce the risks undertaken.

The webinar’s agenda will be:

– Introduction of new members

– Introducing ClearlySo (presentation by Mike Mompi, head of the Early Growth Ventures & member of the EBAN Impact community)

– Social Entrepreneur case study

– Community input

Host: Cécile Sevrain, Program officer of EBAN Impact Investing Committee and Founder of Tiime.

Impact Investing – Going from Interested to Doing

Investors of all kinds are increasingly interested in the opportunities offered to invest in line with social and environmental values and outcomes in mind. But all too often there is a disconnect between interest in impact investing and getting to a first deal. This is often due to a fear of “getting it wrong” or struggling to incorporate a third key metric—impact—along the risk and reward axis. This webinar will offer practical advice regarding how to assemble a “quick and dirty” strategy to take the first concrete steps as an impact investor which can then serve as the basis for a long-term approach. The webinar will aim to answer the following questions:

– What are my motivations and values?
– What is my impact investment thesis?
– What are my investment preferences?
– How do I find and choose investments?
– How do I ensure the success of my investments?

Implementing an Impact Investment Strategy presentation by Ryan Little from Impact HUB, previously from BMW Foundation and Karim Harji from Purpose Capital.

Impact Investing

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming EBAN Impact launch webinar which will focus on presenting a research study on impact measurement metrics as well as receiving your ideas and feedback as to how to further develop and empower our community.
During the webinar we will also have a pitch from a selected social entrepreneur from our network.
The webinar’s agenda will be:
– introduction of new members
– Impact metrics (presentation by Natascha Wahlberg)
– Social Entrepreneur Pitch
– Community input
Moderator: Hedda Pahlson Moller