EBAN Institute

The EBAN Institute is an independent international research and education initiative fostering the development of business angels. Headquartered in Bruxelles, it bridges the gap between scientific research and practical experience. In Europe in particular the potential of risk capital has not been exhausted by far. The EBAN Institute facilitates an ongoing exchange of experiences not only within, but also across regional angel networks.

Knowledge Centre

A great resource centre for helping to do deals, due diligence, shareholders agreement, etc…

Webinars for Business Angels

A glance of some webinars organised by EBAN to support business angels

Toolkit for BAN

Everything you need to start a Business Angel Group!


Rising Tide videos for business angels, toolkit for entrepreneurs to be “investment ready”, Guidebook: Fostering Business Angel Activities in Support of SME Growth, …

Our Goals


To increase the number of business angels in startup ecosystems.


To strengthen active angels with best practices grounded in both experience and research


To connect business angels across borders for ongoing learning

Our Activities


Meet and be inspired by the most active business angels and successful entrepreneurs worldwide


Seasoned business angels and successful entrepreneurs will share with you their know-how and best practices


Take the most of our online courses devoted to entrepreneurship and early stage investment

For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you wish to get the best coaching on how to present your idea to potential investors?

You want to develop your business network?

You are eager to learn tricks and tips for your business and your professional career?

Becoming a Business Angels

After a successful career as a manager, you now wish to become an investor?

You are decided to invest in new and great business ideas but you don’t know where to start?

You aim to share your experience with other new entrepreneurs?

For Business Angels

Are you a business angels and do you wish to share your experience with aspiring entrepreneurs?

Do you wish to meet other successful business angels from all over Europe?

For BAN Managers

Are you developing a Business Angel Network and wishing to learn new strategies from the best BA Networks?

Do you wish to meet other successful BAN Managers from all over Europe?